8 Types Of Product Images Every Flower Shop Owner Should Know About

November 8, 2022

In 2020, over 2 billion people purchased goods and services online. Thus, we cannot ignore the importance of maintaining an online presence. One of the most influential things that persuade customers to click on the “buy now” button is product images. 

Product images help you sell your product and create a good first impression. Thus, high-quality product images are critical for your brand’s success.

This article will discuss the different product images that every florist, nursery, and wholesaler needs to know about. Let’s get started!

1. Product Image Only 

A product image, also known as a studio image, is a clean and simple image that shows what the customer will get with their order. Each product needs to be captured differently, and you need to control the contour, lighting, contrast, background color, etc. In a studio setting, you will be able to develop clear photos and edit your image online.

2. Sizing Template

A primary reason consumers are hesitant to shop online is that they cannot gauge the actual size of the product. Here is where sizing or scale photography comes in. In scale photography, the main product is placed beside other everyday items so customers can easily compare and identify the size of the product, thus reducing the time customers take to decide whether to buy a product.

3. Lifestyle Photography

Another type of product photography is lifestyle photography. Here, you can show off your products in authentic, real-life situations. For instance, for a floral photography session, you can photograph flowers in a vase placed on a table, as that is how they will be used in real life. 

4. Group Shots

If your website has multiple flowers and floral products, it’s best to do group shots. Group shots are great for consumers to compare products, which can help them make purchasing decisions. Group shots are also helpful if you offer bundles on your site.

5. Packaging Shots

Customers care about the packaging more than the product itself, especially if they are using it as a gift. When buying a product online and receiving it in the mail, customers want an optimum buying experience. You can show your packaging on your website or offer special gifting packaging for extra money. A florist can show how the floral arrangements will be packaged and shipped to customers to entice customers to buy.

6. Infographics 

Product images are used not only on websites but also on social media platforms. An exciting way to showcase your products and services is to create an infographic. An infographic contains both visual and type elements through which you can inform your customers about a certain product and keep them engaged visually. In a floral photo editing infographic, florists can list the properties of a particular flower type and add compelling images.

7. White Background Images 

The most famous product photography type is white background images. These images require a simple setup and can be used for products of any color or size. However, this kind of photography does require professional floral photo editing, which you can easily outsource to third-party sources if needed.

8. Detail Shots

Detailed product photography highlights different features of your product in closeup, something which is not possible through normal product images. You can highlight your products’ best features and angles for your potential consumer.

Every type of product photography requires expensive equipment, tools, skills, and expertise. Moreover, just capturing photos isn’t enough; you need to edit them to use them on websites and social media platforms professionally. 

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